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Long Vision Statement

To see God’s kingdom come and His will be done in our lives and communities by the Holy Spirit. To equip, empower and release our people of all ages to impact Orange, Australia and the nations with the kingdom of God.


Who we are

Encouraging and empowering

Valuing families

Enduring in faith





Advancers of the Kingdom



Our mission as Ever Upward Apostolic Centre is to continue to grow together in unity as part of God’s family and provide an atmosphere where people from all walks of life can experience the love, acceptance and care that flows from the Father’s heart.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, to equip and empower God’s people with the truth of God’s word, enabling them to grow in faith and maturity, encouraging them to develop their own hunger, to know their identity in Christ and to become Christ-like in character. Walking in love, integrity, virtue, and humility as kingdom people whose testimonies witness to others and who know their purpose and destiny and have the passion to fulfil it.

To create hunger and passion for the presence of God, intimacy and freedom in worship and prayer corporately as the body of Christ that will overflow into their personal lives.

Directed by the Holy Spirit, release these people to be natural people who do supernatural things under the leading of the Holy Spirit to see the kingdom of God advance with signs, wonders and miracles, so that many souls will be added to the kingdom of God.

Our aim is to work together with other churches in prayer and outreach to see our city, our nation and the world impacted and won to Jesus and His kingdom.


Ever Upward was originally named Harvest For Christ and was founded in 1993. The first meetings took place in a house in Pitta Pitta Place Orange. Six families were involved in the founding of Harvest. In a short period of time, the house became too small as the church began to grow.  Harvest then moved to the Orange Aboriginal Lands Council building on the corner of Sampson and Dalton Streets Orange.

In 1994 the church became affiliated with the Apostolic Church Australia (now Acts Global Churches). On the 26 August, 1996 Glenn Reid became our first ordained minister for the Harvest For Christ Church.

The church continued to grow so in 1997 another move took place, to a building in Dalton Street fondly named the “The Upper Room”. The church and vision continued to grow and therefore the need for a larger venue once again became necessary.

In October 1999 the Holy Family Catholic Church and school became available for tender. An offer was made and accepted. In December 1999 the church relocated to its current venue. In April 2000 after some renovations to the buildings, the Harvest had its official opening and dedication. The church continues to grow to this day and now has three ordained ministers and many networks around the Globe.

Church Prophecies

Ps Roy Dewberry

21st February 2000

This is a new day, this is a beginning of a new era. This is a beginning of this building here. 

This building is going to be like a pinnacle set on a hill. The light of Christ is going to go forth out of this building.

And is going to go forth out of each one of you. And you’re going to bring the glory of the Lord back into the church.

This place is going to be a greater manifestation of the glory of the Lord than you’ve ever seen before.

Because the Lord has chosen you, and the Lord has called you, and the Lord has opened the doorway here for you, to that work the Lord has called you to.

Therefore keep your eyes on the Lord thy God. Walk in the ways of the Lord thy God. And yea,  he shall bring it to pass.

You’ll not have to strive, you’ll not have to work, but the glory of the Lord shall fill this place, and the glory of the Lord shall fill the people of the Lord God.

And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed to the communities round about. And you shall be the light that is set upon a hill that cannot be hid.

And you;ll find that folks will come enquiring and enquiring and enquiring because out of this place shall go the ministry to touch the heart ad the lives of many people.

Faylene Sparkes

This is a place where the warring and the worshiping and the breakthrough is going to bring a mighty deliverance and many are going to come into the kingdome, because of the breakthrough annointing that you have established in this place.

God says  your going to gather the team that you have, a strong team, and add to that team and that core even as an atomic bomb needs a certain core, a minimal amount to sustain a nuclear explosion. I just see that you have this core of faithfulness and prayer to be able to bring in the dunamis power of authority, healing and blessing that i am pouring out. So the Lord says behold the tabernacle of God is with men. So the Lord says, some sent to the nations you will raise up the five fold a seed bed of training, you will raise up musicians and worshippers, you will raise up a team that will even go into this nation, there will be many toing and throing from this place. It will be a hive of activity, it will be a tent of meeting, it will be a place where my presence will manifest and will manifest healing and there will be a permanent well of healing. There will be three wells. The wells of healing, the wells of revival and the wells of joy, where people will be set free to fulfill their call and destiny. Many will be coming to drink from the well of revival, salvation healing and rejoicing. 

Faylene Sparkes


I got the word “homothumadon” meaning – with one mind, with one accord, with one passion. A unique Greek word used 10 times of its 12 New Testament occurrences in the book of Acts. It helps us understand the uniqueness of the christian community. Homothumadon is a compound of two words meaning’to “rushalong” and “in unison”. Just as Jesus grew in favour with God and man i swa you growing in statue in the Apostolic, not only growing horizontally but vertically, there is going to come such a covenantal oneness, you already have a great team spirit , but when they lock arms covenantally, not just holding hands its hooking arms and coming to that close place where there is no way you can recieve an evil report about anyone and you would say no thats not the person i know, i couldnt believe that and infact i want you to go talk to them because there is a misunderstanding a mistruth.

I just see that the whole homothumadon means to lock arms and move together as one unit. I see you marching along together and then i see other people joining, joining, joining, so you have got this core team manifesting one heart. The other thing i see is the Tower of Babel that what the world thought would work, but i heard the Lord say, the world tried to bring in the one world government but his answer is the Apostolic Church. He is going to cause you to build a Apostolic Centre, an Apostolic sending centre and it will be the tabernacle of David, but i see an Apostolic sending centre that will truly manifest what it is to be one spirit, one voice, one heart, so the spirit of unity is not based on conformity but based on diversity, its based on embracing the diverse, celebrating one another, celebrating the diverse, giving permission to shine, permission to flow in that uniqueness and be comfortable in that and i  just see that in that unity the bible says that they were all together in one accord and the spirit of the lord fell upon them, they were in one accord.